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The Experience

We are a place of transformation. It's a place where our youth experience metamorphosis, developing the necessary grit and skill to achieve the full potential that they ought to be. It's not a program; it's a catalyst for community transformation.  It's a place where academic practices, youth development methods, recreational programs, and relationship filled mentors are all practiced at the same time.

Our model is currently redefining youth development. We don't fit students in a cookie cutter approach; rather, we fit our programming to whatever the need of the student is. Our services are not limited by what we can do; rather, we are partnered with other organizations, churches, businesses, government, schools and other programs for any need that a youth may have.



The need is out there. Tucson is a city with one of the highest crime rates. Arizona has some of the worst educational achievements in our country. The United States is lagging behind when it comes to education performance. Our prison rate is growing exponentially while our graduation completion rates are dropping. Youth behavioral issues are at all time high, and poverty is prevalent in our communities. 

Our future is at-risk. We need to invest in it now.

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Higher Ground utilizes collective impact through community partnerships. Often times, a youth has strengths in his or her life that come from both within and from outside influences. These partnerships include the youth, their families, schools, churches, other community members, other organizations, businesses, civic leaders, government, and other individuals. Transformation is built by the investment of many, not by a program or method.

It takes a community to raise a child. We are a catalyst to a youth's community.


Our methods create positive outcomes in a youth's life. Our holistic approach produces strong academic achievement, decrease in negative behaviors, increase in grit and resilience traits, and happier families. In addition to individual testimonies and stories, our youth is elevated from the person being served to the role model now serving others. They then become a mentor, volunteer, coach, or a teacher to another youth to inspire more transformation. 

We are more than just a safe place, we are a launch pad.