Higher Ground is Expanding!


As you all know, Higher Ground recently lost our space at Valencia Middle School due to school closures. To see more about this, please click here.

Higher Ground is officially moving to Wakefield Middle School where we will have the entire building A to operate. Wakefield is a historic landmark that has been in the Tucson community since 1939. With the acquisition of this building, we will be able to add our entire waiting list of 40 students to our current 130 students. This will allow us to serve even more students, potentially up to 400 students every day.

The area we will be moving to is a greatly at-risk area, adjacent to the City of South Tucson; a city that has the highest per capita crime rate in the United States. Also, over 50 public schools are in a 3 mile radius with 70% of the students qualifying for free and reduced lunch. 2 of our local high schools, Pueblo and Cholla, have dropout rates of 56% and 40% respectively. That means with a combined attendance of 3,242 students, there will be a total of 1,565 high school dropouts between these two schools. Most students who drop out say they were not motivated or inspired to work hard. High schools drop outs face a life time of lower wages, higher unemployment, or higher incarceration rates. It is our job to support and encourage our youth now to give them the brightest future possible.

Remember, it costs much less now to support a youth than it does to deal with the consequences of a lifetime of poor choices.