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Join Higher Ground in creating new pipelines! School to college, career and military!


The Need

School to Prison Pipeline

  • There has been almost a 22% cut in funding to public schools in the last 5 years. 

  • Arizona spends 40% more on prisons than on our 3 universities.

  • Prison funding has gone up 75% in the last 10 years, while university funding has declined by 11%.

  • 70% of incarcerated people in state prisons are high school drop outs. 

  • 2 of our local high schools are considered drop out factories with a combined rate of 55%. 


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The Annual Expenditure of One Youth in the Justice System

  • Juvenile Detention: $49,300
  • Juvenile Correctional Facility: $123,400
  • Adult Prison: $25,900


Cost to Society: -$3.8 Million


If prisons are not full, YOUR tax payer dollars pay for the
empty beds at private prisons!


The Annual Expenditure of One Youth on the Road to Success

  • Higher Ground: $1,500
  • University Education: $19,600
  • Job Coprs Training Program: $39,700

Benefit to Society (through lifetime tax contribution): +$1 Million

It COSTS much less to support a youth NOW
 than to deal with the consequences of a lifetime
of poor choices!