Life Mapping

We use a resource mapping method for each student that allows us to identify every obstacle they have for successes, goals and dreams they want to achieve. With those, we create a focused plan that addresses gaps in their lives. Using this method, we are able to create predictive gaps to ensure that we are changing our services as their needs change. In addition, so that students do not become dependent on the services we provide,  we ensure that we are developing grit and necessary skills for them to navigate their circumstances. This increases their potential for success even after they are no longer at Higher Ground. 

From the moment they come into Higher Ground, we interview students, family members, and teachers to have a holistic picture of the their risks, trauma, strengths, community engagement, and positive influences. We then create a programming that fits what they need and want, utilizing other organizations in the community and our own programming. Through continued relationship with the youth and their surrounding community, we are able to help them develop and begin to help them set their goals and identify paths to achieve them. From there, we continually evaluate their paths and ensure that we catch any gaps or potential obstacles to ensure continued development.