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August 30th, 2013 

 Hi everyone, I would just like to say that Higher Ground has been the best experience of my 15 years of life. I say this because being and working in the program has made me develop healthy habits and good people skills. Especially with my people skills since im very quiet, shy and awkward when meeting someone new. Working with Higher Ground has also got me to think about the future that i would like to participate in when i get older. Such as volunteering and to try to make the community a better place. 

Also, since Higher Ground has activities the high schoolers can participate in, I am very thankful for them having jujitsu. When you have a instructor such as Mr. Jansen, you have someone there to motivate you an give it your all. Being in jujitsu and working out really inspired me to motivate myself more into doing physical activities and enjoy exercising!! It made me not want to be lazy anymore. If it wasn't for Higher Ground, i think i would still have my bad habits of not participating in any physical activity. 

They have also treated me like family, and welcomed me with open arms. They don't just help you with homework, but with outside problems as well. When i had a difficult time in my life, which was when my brother committed suicide. Ms. Barbie was there for me and had my family in her prayers. I am very thankful for meeting someone like her and is an excellent role model. I hope one day i will be just like he and able to stand my ground.

Working with Higher Ground has also taught me to mature, and to know how to work in a professional environment. They have also prepared me to take on the work force. Such as answering phones, learning how to talk to people, interacting with people in a professional way and presenting yourself correctly and making a good first impression. 

Higher Ground has taught me to focus on school and do everything on time. With their encouraging words and the help of my parents, I now have a 3.5 GPA. I use to struggle a lot with math, until Mr. Jansen and other Life-Changers helped me understand my homework. The last math test i took, which is in geometry, I received a 104%. Only 4 out of the class passed with that percentage. 

I am very thankful for what Higher Ground has done to my life and my family as well. 

Higher Ground has Amazing opportunities and can change your life for the better. Everyone should take the opportunity to try it out. I know once you'll try it that you're going to like it, a lot. Hopefully you don't just sit back and relax like i did. Once you come in you're going to want to kick those bad, lazy habits away. Just come and try Higher Ground and you'll love it at first sight.
Thank you for reading.

Alejandra M.  

August 5th, 2013

Special thanks to Barbie and Jansen Azarias for loving on my kids. Thanks to all the staff at Higher Ground for helping my kids become responsible, smart, caring, etc, etc citizens. :-) You all hold a very special place in our heart and are always in our payers. I thank the Lord everyday for sending you all our way. WE LOVE YOU!!!!! 

The Kovrig Bejarano Family

May 20th, 2013

Whats up! Higher Ground is the most awesome place ever!!

John Paul