Reading Our World Program

This is based on a read and experience concept that we are working on. Through our partnership with the UofA and Sirows Dr. Rosi Andrade, our ROW program was awarded the Stocker Foundation Learning grant. This grant money is used to buy books to engage our elementary students and introduce them to a wide variety of material they will not normally be introduced to. The grant has also allowed us to take the students in a field trip once a month to places such as the Biosphere, Pima Air Space Museum, and other local places in accordance to the theme of the month. It is a known fact that for students to truly get the most benefits in reading, they need to be engaged and enjoying reading. Unfortunately reading has been seen as a chore in most classrooms and to most kids. Living in a media filled world where entertainment is constantly being taken to different levels, the appeal of reading has become less and less. In order to make kids more interested to reading we need to stimulate their different senses by taking them to trips and allowing them to see, feel, hear, and experience what they read. This program is mandatory to K 5th grade. Students will read about the marvels in Tucson to get them familiarized with Tucson and allow them to take pride in their city and community. The main focus of the ROW program is Civics, Culture, and Environmental awareness of Tucson.