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Empowering one life at a time, to reach, transform, and elevate the community through love and building character.

Warrior Football

We offer flag football for our elementary students and tackle football for our middle school students. Both offer students the opportunity to learn the game and develop teamwork skills. The Warrior Football team will have the chance to participate in a city league and play against other teams.

2012-2013 School Year

  • Our football team took 2nd in the NYS League and had the opportunity to participate in tournament in San Diego this past June.

  • We had both returning and first year players on our team this year for a total of 20 players.

2011-2012 School Year

  • This was our first year with a tackle football team at Higher Ground.

  • Our Middle School division football team had a chance to play in an upper level division. And although they did not win, they had the opportunity to gain experience against a high school team.

  • All 28 of our players were first year players on the team.

Bushido Jiujitsu

Our Jiujitsu program is open to both Elementary and Middle School students of all levels. Jujutsu is a great way to learn focus and build strength.

2012-2013 School Year

  • Our Students had the opportunity to participate in a tournament in Las Cruces, NM where all of our students placed

    * Jesus Medina- 1st place
      * Adrian Luna - 1st Place
      * Jose Avalos- 2nd place
      * Timothy Herrera- 3rd Place
      * Michael Richardson- 3rd placer details! 
      * Lindsay Kovrig- 4th place
      * John Paul Savala- 4th Place

2011-2012 School Year

  • Our team participated in a Naga Tournament in Phoenix, all of them brought home a medal.

    * Timothy Herrera- 3rd Place
      * John Savala- 2nd Place
      * Lindsay Kovrig- 2nd Place
      * Hope Hamon- 1st and 2nd place in 2 weight classes
      * Michael Richardson- 1st & 2nd in 2 weight classes

Invictus Boxing

Higher Ground's Boxing program is an excellent way for students to come in and either learn new skills or hone the ones they already have. Students work on strength and cardio training as well as having the opportunity to spar with fellow students.

At our end of year performance, our Boxing students were able to give a demonstration of what they had been learning.


Our dance class works with students from all different dance backgrounds. Students are able to develop strength, rhythm, coordination, and flexibility while learning something fun. We take students through jazz, hip-hop, ballet, and modern style dances in order for them to learn the various forms of dance. We had a recent performance in December and are currently preparing for our next one.

2012-2013 School Year

  • Our dance team performed in both end of semester perforamces that Higher Ground put on. Both elementary and middle school students were able to perform in front of parents and students at Higher Ground.

2011-2012 School Year

  • Our students performed at Kennedy Park alongside fellow dancers and crews from around Tucson at the end of the school year.


Higher Ground Youth Center's Choir began this school year. After a successful performance in our Give the Gift Back program, students are now working towards preparing for their next performance which will be announced soon.


  • This was our first year at Higher Ground with a choir led by Miss Eileen.
  • Our student performed at both end of semester performances that Higher Ground put on for our parents and students.


Art gives the students the opportunity to explore their creative side. In this program they are able to draw, sketch, and paint throughout the year. Students are able to use their talents to create masterpieces, some of which decorate the walls of Higher Ground!

Many of our students artwork was displayed at the end of year perforamnce for parents to be able to see their students' hard work.

Careers and Technology

The careers and technology class is designed to teach students how to use the computer and apply it to their academics and respective career. All careers will soon be dependent on the use of computers and therefore without computer proficiency, success in a career will not be possible. More importantly 70% of Arizona students graduate from high-school who are not ready for the work force and lacks the necessary soft skills to survive in an office setting. This program takes students to different 4 - 6 week workshops which includes, photography, car mechanics, robotics, computer programming, business and sales, financial planning, and other career related workshops. This program is designed to give participating students a glimpse of different careers and help them earn different life skills. At the end of the program, it is our goal to help the students find something they are interested in and possibly take it into a career.

Enrichment Workshops

These workshops happen every Friday and are divided into 4 themes. Each of the themes is designed to give students different experiences and touch different aspects of their life to further their positive identity.

The focus of this enrichment workshop is to address the different emotional and physical needs of boys and girls.

During Adventure Fridays, boys go through a different class designed to give boys the adventure that is innate in every young man. Combining the best practices of Boys Scouts, JROTC, Boys and Girls Club, and other boys mentoring programs; the boys get a holistic approach to their growth. The boys get a leadership and character building program designed for boys on the Southwest side of Tucson. In response to the overwhelming research of how fatherlessness is an unresolved issue that is the most common cause of juvenile crimes and problems, our executive director developed this program. Its effectiveness in dealing with the behavioral, social, and spiritual issues of boys makes it a logical choice to be integrated in the programming of the Youth Center. Teaching boys how to march, learn military drills much like the ROTC, coupled with fun engaging activities such as building towers, swimming, paintball, and camping, and adding the character building studies that focuses on alertness, obedience, cleanliness, teamwork, honesty, and respect. This program will allow boys to discuss issues about their growth and be mentored by men who are role models in the community. The goal of the program is to turn boys into responsible fathers and men who will become the pillars of strength in our community.

The girls are also assigned a different class that is designed to help girls develop a positive self-image while training them to be physically and emotionally healthy. It is a leadership and character building program designed for girls on the Southwest side of Tucson. With the same practices and ideals as Ranger Corp only this time focusing on issues that girls deal with. A relaxed program where girls learn necessary life-skills and empowering them to become responsible women who will not tolerate abuse and irresponsibility. The goal of this program is to turn girls into nurturing and wise women who will become the foundation of family values in our community.

This focuses on different behavioral problem areas of our children and youth. During this time, Higher Ground has invited different organizations to hold workshops on different issues. Through partnership with United Way, The Sober Project, Breakdown International, TFCU, and other groups, we address issues regarding health, teenage pregnancy, bullying, finances, drug and alcohol prevention, and gang violence. oFun Fun Fridays are designed to give students a chance to engage in different fun games. This is simply designed to allow students to be children and young through organized games and activities.

The focus of Camp Friday is meant for teamwork and character building. Social skills are developed by focusing on a lot of team building activities, group games, and other social building events. Camp Fridays are fast paced, organized, and full of different activities designed to engage youth. Activities are designed to address the social and spiritual needs of the youth.