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Rebecca Davis

We have all made mistakes. When I was in the 4th grade I was playing in my grandmothers makeup and hair brushes (like most little girls do) and I ended up getting a round hair brush stuck in my hair. I began to sweat as I tried and tried to loosen my hair from that tough bristled brush. Eventually, I lost it! I could not get the brush out of my hair. In fear of getting in trouble, I CUT MY HAIR! I was so scared to just ask for help because I knew I was doing something I was not supposed to be doing. It did not help, my grandmother found pieces of hair all over the floor and instantly knew that I had cut my hair (no matter how much I combed my hair over to hide the missing pieces). The following day my mother took me to the hair salon to get my hair fixed. It was so short that I was called "boy" and "Ricki Lake" for the rest of my elementary school years.

Looking back at my childhood I have realized how much I relate with the students we serve at Higher Ground. I wish that I would have had someone in my life that would teach me and guide me down a better path (that was not my parents). That is why I am at Higher Ground, if I can help guide one student down the right path, it is worth it.

I have gone from helping with homework, driving the van to pick up students from school, helping run the snack bar, becoming the office manager to transitioning to billing manager and assisting with our behavioral health department.