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Ray Barreras

I am a transplanted New Mexican that came to Tucson in 1974 to find work for my family. My wife and my 3 boys, 4,9 & 10 packed our bags and left the only home we knew. Excited for this new adventure I found a job with American Finance and several years late I became the President of Arizona Association of Mortgage brokers where I was honored to work with many government officials here in Arizona and Washington DC. I have been married to my beautiful wife, Gloria for 53 years and she has been my strength in all my endeavors. So, I am sure you are wondering about my 3 boys. My 10 year old grew up joined the United States Military where he became Commander Sergeant Major in the United States Army and served 23 years. I am proud and honored to say that CSM Martin Barreras gave his all and lost his life in action. My 9 year old grew up and he is the Founder of Yavapai Territorial Gospel Rescue Mission in Prescott, where he serves women and children. We are very proud of the his work! My 4 year old is the reason I am the Transportation lead at Higher Ground. He is the Assistant Director and has raised 4 beautiful girls who are strong, smart and crazy!! I want to bring laughter to the kids, I want to make sure that the time we pick them up to the program they know what laughter is!