Community Engagement

We partner with and support our schools and their staff. We tutor, provide different in-school programming, and assist in any capacity our resources can.

We do not want to reinvent the wheel. We partner with other organizations who target a different area of our families. We build bridges with programs they are already at.

Customized Programming

No student is ever kicked out of our program nor do they age out. We customize our programs based on what a student needs. Our variety of programming ensures that we can engage any student and meet them where they are at. We avoid duplicity by creating individualized plans that involve other activities they are involved in.

Meaningful Relationships

Our focus is on building relationships with both youth and their community. We create a relationship-filled environment that allows our students to come back several years later, even as adults, whenever they feel hopeless or have a lack in their life. We are also able to extend these resources to their families and people around them because of the trust we build.