Student Spotlight:  Ashley Clowes

“In early February, I got suspended from my school & had to go to Project More starting the 28th of February. During my suspension, I met some of the Higher Ground life changers who were teaching classes in the DAEP program. My first day in the program I immediately grew to like it a lot. They were all so nice & caring towards me and it made me feel so good inside.

We did exercises out of a book where we talked about things & we learned how to handle different situations & feelings. This really did help me in the long-run because I still use those methods now. Higher Ground was not at DAEP everyday so I looked forward to Thursday's & Friday's every week because I knew I would be going to Higher Ground where I would have a great time with them and learn different skills that I need in my life.

I grew a personal bond with the staff of Higher Ground. I look forward to seeing them so much that I found out they have an after-school program. I knew that I need continued support and felt like I belonged with them so I decided to join their after-school program at Wakefield. I met so many more great people there that continue to support me and made me feel good about myself, and learn more skills that I can use later.
I can't wait to go back this school year because I loved being surrounded by the people at Higher



Retention rate over 3 years




Improved grades




Learned grit and self-control