Jansen Speaks Before the AZ Senate Education Committee

Jansen at Senate.jpg

Last week, our CEO and co-founder Jansen Azarias was invited to speak before the Arizona State Senate Education Committee to testify in support of a bill regarding community schools!

Co-sponsored by our very own board president, Senator Bradley, SB 1264 requires the AZ Department of Education to establish a 3-year Community School Pilot Program and award grants to three schools, ideally one in Pima, one in Maricopa, and one in a rural area. Jansen spoke before the committee about how the Community School model is a nationally-proven model with tremendous outcomes in today's educational environment, and that many other states in the U.S. are already funding the model as their primary turn-around strategy. He also spoke about Higher Ground's already incredible results using the model in Tucson's high-needs neighborhoods, despite our heavy reliance on AmeriCorps members. Hopefully our results will enable us to provide fully-trained, permanent staff at each of our community school sites!

At the end of the hearing, the committee UNANIMOUSLY voted for the bill, with several of the state senators giving statements on how much they believe in the model!

Read AZ SB 1264 here!

Heather Raftery