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Empowering one life at a time, to reach, transform, and elevate the community through love and building character.


Volunteering as Life Changers

The title, 'Life Changer' almost speaks for itself. Our Volunteers are called Life Changers because they do more than just volunteering. They create an environment that inspires our students to have a positive outlook in life and to achieve their goals no matter what the obstacle are. The impact of our Life Changers have not only changed the lives of the children we serve, but also our parents and our entire community.

Interested in becoming a Life Changer?

If you would like to become a Life Changer please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Kenneth Briggs at, or call 520-622-1425.


Volunteer Pre application

For any questions regarding our organizations or if you would like to partner with us, please feel free to contact our Director of Development and Community Relations, Rob Lester at or call 520-622-1425.