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Fernando Gil LaMadrid

As a native of Tucson, I grew up with the passion of wanting to help others. My life goal growing up was to be a doctor, but life had other plans. I graduated from Flowing Wells High School in 2009 which provided me the path to complete another goal that I had, which was attending the University of Arizona after a semester I ended up dropping out. Life took a lot twists and turns from there and I wound up being dragged down and beaten by life. I was a broken person through all of this. Through it all life built me back up and Higher Ground gave me a chance.

I have been at Higher Ground for 3 years. I am now the Manager of School Programs and I get the privilege to be able to use my experiences to influence and impact the kids. This has given me the opportunity to accomplish that life goal of being able to help others. I never thought it would be in this way but life has its own plan. I continue looking forward to growing and learning with Higher Ground so I can do the best I can for all of the youth we serve so none of them have to go through life alone.