Enrichment Workshops

These workshops happen every Friday and are divided into 4 themes. Each of the themes is designed to give students different experiences and touch different aspects of their life to further their positive identity.

The focus of this enrichment workshop is to address the different emotional and physical needs of boys and girls.

During Adventure Fridays, boys go through a different class designed to give boys the adventure that is innate in every young man. Combining the best practices of Boys Scouts, JROTC, Boys and Girls Club, and other boys mentoring programs; the boys get a holistic approach to their growth. The boys get a leadership and character building program designed for boys on the Southwest side of Tucson. In response to the overwhelming research of how fatherlessness is an unresolved issue that is the most common cause of juvenile crimes and problems, our executive director developed this program. Its effectiveness in dealing with the behavioral, social, and spiritual issues of boys makes it a logical choice to be integrated in the programming of the Youth Center. Teaching boys how to march, learn military drills much like the ROTC, coupled with fun engaging activities such as building towers, swimming, paintball, and camping, and adding the character building studies that focuses on alertness, obedience, cleanliness, teamwork, honesty, and respect. This program will allow boys to discuss issues about their growth and be mentored by men who are role models in the community. The goal of the program is to turn boys into responsible fathers and men who will become the pillars of strength in our community.

The girls are also assigned a different class that is designed to help girls develop a positive self-image while training them to be physically and emotionally healthy. It is a leadership and character building program designed for girls on the Southwest side of Tucson. With the same practices and ideals as Ranger Corp only this time focusing on issues that girls deal with. A relaxed program where girls learn necessary life-skills and empowering them to become responsible women who will not tolerate abuse and irresponsibility. The goal of this program is to turn girls into nurturing and wise women who will become the foundation of family values in our community.

This focuses on different behavioral problem areas of our children and youth. During this time, Higher Ground has invited different organizations to hold workshops on different issues. Through partnership with United Way, The Sober Project, Breakdown International, TFCU, and other groups, we address issues regarding health, teenage pregnancy, bullying, finances, drug and alcohol prevention, and gang violence. oFun Fun Fridays are designed to give students a chance to engage in different fun games. This is simply designed to allow students to be children and young through organized games and activities.

The focus of Camp Friday is meant for teamwork and character building. Social skills are developed by focusing on a lot of team building activities, group games, and other social building events. Camp Fridays are fast paced, organized, and full of different activities designed to engage youth. Activities are designed to address the social and spiritual needs of the youth.