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Donations made to Higher Ground are used where the need is greatest. It allows us to further our mission of empowering one life at a time to reach, transform and elevate the community through love and building character.  For the past 11 years, Higher Ground has specialized in support services to at-risk, K-12 students suffering from the effects of childhood trauma and poverty. Higher Ground is unique in being the only nonprofit organization in Southern Arizona that provides wrap around support services for at-risk youth and their families throughout Tucson.

The students in our program are the most vulnerable in the Tucson community. They are failing school, chronically absent, and suffer from dysfunctional behavior including drug abuse, violence, and social withdrawal. These behaviors often lead to school suspension, expulsion, juvenile incarceration, or suicide. Based on cognitive research by Dr. Adele Diamond and Dr. Angela Duckworth, our program activities are used as a delivery mechanism to teach social-emotional learning such as communication, creative problem solving, emotion management, self-control, mindfulness, and Grit in an environment of social inclusion and belonging. Our goal is to empower the lives of our students through social-emotional learning so they can succeed in school, thrive in life, and eventually give back to the community. 

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Two ways to donate:

1. Online- Higher Ground currently  uses PayPal to  process donations.  Please note that you do not have to have a PayPal account to process your donation.

2. Mail - You may also mail your donation check directly to Higher Ground at: 

Higher Ground
101 W. 44th St. 
Tucson, AZ 85713

The EIN number for Higher Ground a Resource Center is 27-3585869.

If you have questions please contact Daniela Siqueiros at 520-622-1425 or via email

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