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Cheryl Lopez

Hi, Im Cheryl E. Lopez born and raised in Monte Vista, Colorado. I graduated from Monte Vista High School in 1987 with classmates I went to school with all 12 years-13 if you count Headstart.(preschool). After graduating High School, I went to J.S.B.C.(Jimmy Swaggart Bible College) for a year then I went to S.A.G.U.(Southwestern Assembly of God University) for a year. Then finally after four more years of college I received my Christian Education from S.A.B.C.(Southern Arizona Bible College) . I was the Assistant Pastor/worship leader on campus and the valedictorian for my graduating class in 1993. During my time at SABC I met my best friend and eventually fell in love and married Eli Anthony Lopez. A week after we got married we began our journey together in Arizona as Youth Pastors at Mission View Assembly of God and then after 10 years, we became the Senior Pastors of the same church and later changed the name to The Well Worship Center, in total we served there for 23 years. In the mist of of serving Tucson as Pastors we had two beautiful children, Josiah Daniel Lopez and JaeDee Lynne Lopez who are the greatest gifts we have ever received. We also had the privilege to be apart of the start of Higher Ground, I was one of the first life changers and was in charge of the Cafe called Azusa Street Cafe. As Higher Ground grew and then moved to other facilities and my children grew older I decided it was time to develop my career skills and started working at Little Angel Learning Center where I took care of the 3-4 year olds. After working there for a year the owner decided to close the center and retire. At this time a position opened at Higher Ground for a Parent Liaison. I have been working in this position for over a year and plan on many more years, reaching, transforming and elevating one family at a time. Walking side by side, finding a need and meeting it as best as possible.