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S.T.E.A.M Education Coordinator

This is an AmeriCorps full-time position (1700 hours). This AmeriCorps member will conduct the following activities in collaboration with Higher Ground staff:

  • Program Coordination: The AmeriCorps member will collaborate with S.T.E.A.M. staff and volunteers to enhance student learning and experience in digital media, music, or robotics. They will also research best practices, identify challenges, implement strategies toaddress programming needs and leverage resources for maximum efficiency during the school year and summer programming.

  • Educational Training: The AmeriCorps member will create engaging lesson plans and projects that are adaptable to a wide range of learning styles. They will also assist in the training of staff and volunteers on facilitation of classroom activities for students to best understand the learning objectives of lesson plans. They will also be expected to assist with overall classroom management to maximize peer interaction and youth leadership.

  • Social Media, Marketing, and Technology Support: The AmeriCorps member will assist with implementing a social media presence, website design and maintenance, and promotional video production. They will also assist in general IT support: internet, computer maintenance, and other related IT needs as well as support Higher Ground marketing needs under Program Manager supervision.

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Child and Family Advocate

This is an AmeriCorps part-time position (675 hours). This AmeriCorps members will conduct the following activities in collaboration with Higher Ground staff

  • Coaching and Mentoring: These AmeriCorps members will coach and mentor students based on individual needs and service plan created. They will also de-escalate student issues during program time, provide support to rooms and staff whenever students reflect negative behaviors providing restorative discipline methods. Additionally, they will reinforce good behavior and help students build skills towards coping with anger, grief, and other issues relevant to previously collected data.

  • Data Collection and Reporting: AmeriCorps members will ensure that the student database is kept up to date with program notes, client progress, and school grades. They will also supervise and perform post tests and gather data on students regarding program effectiveness, hand out recognition to the different students, and familiarizing and building relationships with each student to ensure trust is built within program design.

  • RTE Mapping and Individual Assessment: AmeriCorps members will work with Child, Family and Community Advocacy Director to provide report on behavior outcomes of students, as well as conducting risk tests, trauma assessments, performing family interviews and coordinating with other staff to create detailed RTE maps of students. They will also ensure that program is implementing individualized services and programs for each student based on data gathered by other staff member, family background, IEP, transcripts, school behavior, home behaviors, and other elements. Additionally, they will coordinate with different staff to assist in student’s connection with other community programs and services, ensuring that every child is getting consistent support in developing necessary skills.

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