Registration for Art Show

Annual Youth & Peace Conference in Tucson, AZ

Saturday, February 21, 2015 • Higher Ground at Wakefield, 101 W. 44th St.


Registration Deadline: February 12, 2015

Artwork Delivery Deadline: February 12, 2015


The Youth Leadership Team planning the 3rd Annual Youth & Peace Conference ( February 21, 2015 at Higher Ground at Wakefield, 101 W. 44th St.) is including an art show as one component part of this conference, along with speakers, performers, workshops, and three special activities. Please see below for the Art Show Registration Form.

The Youth Team is also seeking proposals for workshops, as well as applications for the resource fair at the conference. The Art Show Registration Form, as well as the Workshop Proposal Form and Resource Fair Registration Form are all available for completion on our conference website:



The Youth Leadership Team is seeking artwork that is created by youth (ages 10-23 years) and focuses on Peace or illustrates one or more of the three key themes that are the focus of the 2014 conference:

  • Speaking Up & Out –This includes standing up and speaking up for ourselves or someone else who is being bullied or treated badly. Speaking out about something that we feel strongly about. Dealing with shyness. Having the courage to say what we mean in a way that others can really hear us.
  • Expressing Ourselves How to express anger and other strong emotions safely and without harming ourselves or others. Effective, creative, and nonviolent ways to communicate. Using language that connects, respects, and empowers. Recognizing the power of language and thought forms to create reality.
  • Engaging Our Community with Art & Technology Using art and/or technology to get our ideas out to a larger audience. Addressing injustice through art – music, spoken word, visual art, performance art. Working with social media – Facebook, Twitter, instagram.

ATTENTION/IMPORTANT Regarding 2014 Youth & Peace Conference Art Show:

  • The Art Show Registration Form needs to be completed online at the conference website by March 21, 2014. 
  •  All artwork needs to be delivered to Higher Ground at Wakefield, 101 W. 44th St. between 10 AM and Noon on Friday, March 28, 2014. If this will not be possible for you and you need to make special arrangements to drop off your artwork at a different time, please indicate this need in your answer to question # 9 below.
  •  During the following week (March 31 – April 4), the Youth Team will review the submitted artwork to determine its appropriateness for the 2014 Youth & Peace Conference Art Show.
  •  The Youth Team will contact all individuals who have submitted items for the art show to inform them if their artwork has or has not been chosen to be included in the 3rd Annual Youth & Peace Conference. This notice to the artists will go out by April 4th.  For any artwork not selected for inclusion, arrangements will be made for that artwork to be collected by or returned to the artist.
  • Artwork that is selected for inclusion in the 2014 conference will be installed in the Conference Art Show Gallery on Friday night, April 11 during set up for the conference.
  • All artwork that is part of the 3rd Annual Youth & Peace Conference needs to be collected at the end of the conference (at 4:30 PM) or “after party” (6 PM) on Saturday, April 12. If for whatever reason that will not be possible, you need to  make special arrangements for Higher Ground to keep your artwork until the following week when it must be retrieved.
  • The Youth & Peace Conference planning teams will take every precaution to protect your artwork. However, you agree by submitting your artwork for this art show, that none of the sponsoring organizations can be held responsible or considered liable if any damage to your artwork should happen.
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Name of Artist (if multiple artists, give name of contact person)
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and how your artwork is related to Peace or to one of the three key themes for the conference (Speaking Up & Out; Expressing Ourselves; Engaging Our Community with Art & Technology). (180 words or less. Please be aware that we will display your answer to this question on a sheet of paper mounted next to your artwork.)