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Part Time Positions 300 Hour


Home Work mentor

Higher Ground is seeking five AmeriCorps members to mentor students to influence them to make positive choice in their life and help them develop a positive and confident identity. These mentors will develop an atmosphere that will allow for relationships between the teacher and students, and ensure that students consistently accomplish their homework tasks and achieve academic success.


Part Time Positions 900 Hour


Child and Family Advocate

Higher Ground is seeking two part-time AmeriCorps State members to serve as Child Specialists whose primary job is to build relationships with the youth of a site ensuring that the mission of Higher Ground is reflected. It is the policy of Higher Ground that each client and his/her families/significant others, as appropriate, have an individualized process of service planning, engagement planning, and life mapping based on RTE Mapping. This position will gather student and family data, conduct intake tests, facilitate coaching sessions, and support staff in creating individualized plans for each student. They will also ensure that de-escalations, services, proper behavior plans are met based on behavior service plans that a student may have.


Robotics, Coding and IT Coordinator

Higher Ground is seeking part-time AmeriCorps State members to serve as a Youth Specialist whose primary job is to build relationships with the students in grade school who attend Higher Ground in order to see academic growth and achievement. The main goal of the Robotics, Coding Program is to improve student learning in STEM and to inspire students to consider careers in the math and sciences. We also want to build a strong program so that our students can continue to participate in the First Challenge Robotics competition, every year.


Health and Activity Coordinator

Higher Ground is seeking two part-time AmeriCorps State members to serve as the Health and Activity Coordinator for the Enterprise Program. The Enterprise Program serves middle school, high school, and college students by providing individualized tutoring, mentoring, and coaching. Health and Academic performance go hand in hand; a healthy student is more likely to succeed in school and an educated student knows more about making healthy choices. These coordinators will work with students, volunteers, and staff members to ensure that each student is getting the focus they need and coordinate services to make choices for a healthy lifestyle.


Full Time Positions


Community School Coordinator

This VISTA will implement the community school model within a high school or middle school implementing Higher Ground’s RTE Mapping, targeting chronically absent students, to increase attendance and connect graduating seniors with postsecondary opportunities. This will be achieved by developing systems to support partnerships with local service providers to meet the needs of low-income students.


Volunteer and Recruitment Coordinator

This person will improve the quality of the volunteer program by recruiting, training, and managing the program. Working closely with the Higher Ground Volunteer Coordinator, this VISTA will also develop a marketing and outreach plan for the organization along with developing and coordinating awareness events. This VISTA will also be responsible for improving volunteer recruitment and retention for all of Higher Ground’s programs and events.



The goal of this project is to support and enhance the current efforts of Higher Ground and the Community Schools Initiative in the implementation of Higher Ground RTE Mapping process at partner schools.


Grant Writing and Fundraising

Higher Ground’s Fundraising & Development VISTA will build financial capacity for Higher Ground and the Community School Initiative and sustainable economic development. The VISTA will be primarily responsible for building and improving tools and systems that enhance the organization’s effectiveness in generating revenue through grants, earned income opportunities, and donations.



This VISTA will be placed in the Youth Success Center at Higher Ground working primarily with the Pima County Juvenile Court in developing the new evening reporting center. This VISTA will learn to navigate the Juvenile court system and help improve and increase the coordinated services for adjudicated youth to avoid recidivism. This VISTA will also work with alternative schools that Higher Ground has partnered with to help develop a system that provides both intervention and prevention of services.



This VISTA will recruit, support, and train a highly effective cohort of VISTA and State members and lead them in the work of creating measurable and impactful change in the lives of community members within Higher Ground, Community Schools Initiative, high schools, middle schools and local organizations. The VISTA Leader will help support the implementation and management of the Higher Ground VISTA Project.