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Empowering one life at a time, to reach, transform, and elevate the community through love and building character.

Homework Tutoring

This is the most important part of the academic center and is the core of the activities of our after-school program. Partnering with the different schools that have our participating students, we assist students with their homework and ensure they turn it in. They get group homework assistance and individual homework tutoring for those students that need more attention and focus. Homework tutoring is a requirement for all K-8th grade and is optional for the high-school volunteers and participants.

Math Tutoring

This is done whenever students do not have homework or are done with their homework before the required one-hour academic time is over. Math is the most fundamental of all the subjects, as the hardest subjects usually involve some sort of mathematical skill (physics, trigonometry, chemistry, etc). Improvement in math skills also shows improvement in overall academic performance, as it develops their logical and analytical problem-solving skills. Statistically however, over 70% of the 8th graders that have gone in our program show little to no skills in basic math, such as memory of times tables, and are therefore truly unable to grasp algebraic concepts and other more complex math.