Every student that comes to our program gets an individual assessment that covers their strengths and weaknesses, their risks and obstacles.

Higher Ground started in 2006 in Mr. Jansen's living room after he met his now wife, who had a 10 year-old son at the time. Mr. Jansen began tutoring him, and soon Timmy began inviting his friends over to receive help with their homework. He also noticed that, besides being academically behind, all of them had a sense of hopelessness and were facing overwhelming odds. 

timmy graduation.jpg

Eventually, Mr. Jansen married Timothy’s mom and he became his son. He then talked to a local church, The Well Worship Center, and Pistor Middle School. He saw a great need with our youth, and, thus, Higher Ground Youth Center was born. Soon after, Timothy began helping to tutor and coach at Higher Ground as he himself was experiencing its life-changing impact.

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After 5 years at Higher Ground, Timothy graduated from Cholla High School. He is the first of his dad's family to go to and graduate from college. In addition, he fulfilled the Higher Ground definition of success: community contribution. He is now back in Tucson and works at Higher Ground helping to reach, transform, and elevate lives.