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  • Over the past year, our center has grown immensely as we extend our reach into the community and connect with new partners. 
  • Our overall organizational income increased by 75% compared to previous year's growth of 30%.
  • We acquired our first state contract and became licensed as a community service agency and a specialty behavioral health provider under Cenpatico.
  • Operated our first during-school-time activity as part of Sunnyside School District's Star Academy High School.
  • Grew our staff from 5 full time staff members to over 12 full time members plus over 10 AmeriCorps members.

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  •  97% parent satisfaction with overall services of Higher Ground and outcomes with their students
  • 94% of our students are satisfied with Higher Ground services and enjoy being part of Higher Ground.
  • 90% of our students are physically more active after joining Higher Ground.
  • 88% of parents observed that their children have better control over their emotions after one year at Higher Ground
  • 87% of our students learned values regarding self-respect, peer respect, and community contribution
  • 82% of parents observed that their children have better conflict resolution skills after one year at Higher Ground
  • 81% of our students improved their overall academics based on their grades, homework completion, and planning for their education
  • 81% of our students learned to improve their skills on perseverance based on learning the values of hard work, not quitting, and finding self-encouragement.
  • 62% of our students learned emotion management as measured by the decreases in loss of temper, impulsivity, and negative incidents at home and school; and evidence of better emotion control.

Other outcomes, awards, and partnerships

  • In addition to the above outcomes, Higher Ground also boasts one of the highest daily attendance rates out of all youth programs in Tucson with an average of 75% daily attendance rate (compared to most after school programs that range between 12% - 60%). 
  • Over 90% of Higher Ground students attend programming at least 3 times a week.
  • Between last year and this year, we retained over 90% of our students, and this pattern has continued for the last 3 years here at Wakefield. 
  • Over 14,700 volunteer hours logged.
  • Read our 2015 - 2016 Annual Report here.