Organization Highlights

  • We have been featured in the US Department of Education website for our methods and outcomes, click here to read more.

  • Was featured by the AZ Department of Education for our methods on youth engagement, click here to read more.

  • Our jujutsu team is #4 in the World Kid’s No Gi Division in the Sport Jiujitsu International Federation. Our jujutsu team consists of several students who have never competed before or even joined sports prior to joining Higher Ground.

  • Higher Ground moved to Wakefield Middle School (click here to watch the video) in order to expand our program and fill a great community need. 

Student Outcomes

  • 90% of our students improved their grades

  • 81% of parents stated that their children have displayed skills that reflected grit and resilience ever since attending Higher Ground. These character traits are the only common indicator for success among students.

  • 100% of the parents felt that their children increased in confidence

  • 83% of our students learned and experienced things that taught them to give back to the community

  • 65% learned to control their emotions better in school and at home

  • 85% became more physically active

  • 81% felt happier ever since coming to Higher Ground

Partnerships and Awards

  • Our first annual Christmas party with Gospel Rescue Mission and the Well Worship Center took place, serving 1500 kids with toys. To learn more,please go here. 

  • We have formed partnerships with Tucson Youth Development and Pima Vocational High School to bring 9 student workers to Higher Ground. 

  • Over 60 UofA volunteers.

  • Partnership with La Frontera to co-locate and have behavioral facility on site.

  • Partnership with Hollinger K-8 school to form strategic partnerships.

  • Several awards and accolades from the community for the work of Higher Ground.